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These pages are adressed to railway fans, above all to creators and users of animated railway 2D-screensavers, especially Traffic (made by Hungarian author Zoltan Szabo, download here) and MM&MM. The pages include pictures of railway vehicles, buildings and landscape background themes. They are intended to be a complement of the other pages with pictures for the mentioned screensavers published till this time. They are focused on the Czech and Slovak railway world.

You can download here CSD (former Czechoslovak railways) vehicles once made in Austrian, Hungarian and Czechoslovak factories and having been operated during the era of the 1. Czechoslovak republic (1918 - 1938). Furthermore, you can find here also railway buldings pictures located in the Czechoslovak territory mostly how they appeared after having been build or in the 1920s and 30s. You can download also landscape digital photos of the Czech and Moravian railway lines surroundings ready to be used directly as the screensaver background. For all who cannot or do not want to operate Traffic with full-screen photos there are painted background pictures ready for use.

Links to more websites on railway and/or railway modelling topics can be found here. Links to the pages related to the MM&MM screensaver you can find under the animated logo of the MM Screen Saver Web Ring down at the footer of this page.

Author of this website agrees to publishing all the documents for non-commercial purpose if this source is quoted. You can send here or here E-mails to the author with any notes.

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